Should You Get a Crypto IRA?

What is a Crypto IRA

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In the United States, many financial entities offer IRA accounts. These retirement accounts provide unique tax benefits while allowing the account holders to save for the future.

With the rise of cryptocurrency, there are now crypto IRA accounts available. However, you might be wondering about how this crypto-funded retirement account works!

Much like a traditional IRA, a crypto IRA allows the account holder to save and invest money in a retirement account. Similarly, accounts are managed by an IRS-approved custodian and annual contribution limits apply. Tax benefits also apply to cryptocurrency-based IRA accounts.

In many ways, a crypto IRA functions in the same way as a traditional IRA. Understanding the similarities between these retirement accounts will help you understand how a crypto IRA works. 

The differences, however, will highlight the unique advantages a crypto IRA could offer you. A crypto IRA could be the perfect way to invest in your future!

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What is a Traditional IRA?

To fully understand the purpose of a crypto IRA, you need to consider traditional IRA accounts. Of course, an IRA account is an Individual Retirement Account. This is a unique type of savings account that allows you to better plan for the future.

IRA accounts can be opened by anyone who earns a salary. This retirement account will be held by an IRS-approved custodian. This will allow the account holder to promptly begin saving funds in their retirement account.

However, there are also unique advantages that come with opening an IRA account – especially pertaining to tax!

In many cases, tax deductions can be claimed for contributions you make to a traditional IRA every year. Generally, these IRA accounts prevent you from paying tax on any interest until you eventually withdraw funds from the account.

At the end of the day, your tax benefits depend on the type of IRA account you open.

With traditional IRA accounts, there are annual limits to the amount an individual is allowed to contribute. By contributing within the permitted limit, these tax benefits will apply to you. 

Your contribution limits will depend on your yearly income and filing status.

With many IRA accounts, a heft 10% penalty generally applies when withdrawing funds before the age of 59 years and six months. Furthermore, once an IRA account holder turns 72, they will start receiving RMD payments (required minimum distribution).

This is calculated according to life expectancy and account size.

While traditional IRA accounts remain popular, there are more options than ever before. With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, there are now more ways than ever to invest in your future financially. 

How Does A Crypto IRA Differ From A Traditional IRA?

In 2009, Bitcoin would become the first cryptocurrency to allow consumers to make direct peer-to-peer transactions online. Over the following twelve years, the landscape of cryptocurrency rapidly developed. 

However, given the recent popularity of cryptocurrency, many consumers are still largely unfamiliar with how this digital currency works.

Due to this, many consumers are even more unfamiliar with cryptocurrency-based IRA accounts. However, this is a great financial product for those who aren’t afraid of some risk for higher rewards.

Ultimately, this is an IRA account that more consumers should be aware of. 

So, what is a crypto IRA? Well, like any IRA account, a crypto IRA account is a type of retirement savings and investment account that uses cryptocurrency.

The fact that cryptocurrency is decentralized appeals to many consumers. This means that the value of crypto is not linked to a particular nation or currency.

While this is a great advantages for crypto-based financial products, like a crypto IRA, consumers should remain wary. That’s because there’s always an element of risk when investing in crypto.

That is why it’s essential to research different cryptocurrencies before making investments.

Compared to a traditional IRA, holders of crypto IRA accounts will face the same standards and will also be managed by a custodian. This means that the same contribution limits will apply, which depend on your yearly income and filing status.

Another similarity between these IRA accounts is that they are tax-advantaged accounts

Ultimately, the difference between a regular IRA and a crypto-based IRA comes in with the potential for a larger reward. However, before we consider the pros and cons of a crypto IRA, it’s important to distinguish between the two main types of crypto IRA accounts that are available to consumers.

Types of Crypto IRA Accounts

As mentioned above, crypto IRA accounts are also subject to tax advantages. As is the case with regular IRA accounts, the type of crypto IRA account you open will determine how you are taxed.

This is an essential element to keep in mind when deciding which type of crypto IRA is best suited to your financial needs.

Traditional Crypto IRA Account

With a traditional crypto IRA account, your contributions will typically be deductible from your taxable income. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay income tax on your crypto account’s earnings until you begin withdrawing funds.

Like traditional IRA accounts, penalties will apply when funds are drawn from the account before the holder is old enough to retire. As mentioned earlier, limits to your annual contributions will still apply, which is based on your yearly income and relevant filing status.

Roth Crypto IRA Account

With a Roth crypto IRA account, your account earnings will not be deductible from your taxable income. Instead, you will not be subject to capital gains tax on any interest earned. 

When you reach the age of retirement, your distribution payments will also be free of tax.

The reason these benefits apply is due to the way the account is taxed. This also distinguishes it from a traditional crypto IRA. When you make contributions to your Roth IRA, you will pay taxes on funds going into the account. 

Like other IRA accounts, there are limits to annual contributions.

Pros & Cons of a Crypto IRA

The following advantages and disadvantages of opening a crypto IRA account will touch on many previous points. However, by examining these pros and cons, you’ll be able to review the features of cryptocurrency-based individual retirement accounts.


These are the benefits of opening a crypto IRA account.

The Same Regulations Apply

While a crypto IRA account may seem intimidating, it’s not too different from a traditional IRA account. This was highlighted in the previous sections of this article.

From contribution limits to tax benefits, many of the same regulations apply.

There Are Tax Advantages

As discussed earlier, IRA accounts are tax-advantaged. Whether you open a traditional crypto IRA or a Roth crypto IRA, you’ll be subject to unique tax benefits, all while diversifying your investment portfolio.

Cryptocurrency Is Decentralized

The decentralized nature of crypto appeals to many people. This means that the value of cryptocurrencies is not dependent on one nation’s economy or currency.

This has attracted many investors to crypto, as crypto is more likely to remain stable.

You’ll Have Blockchain Security

Blockchain is a secure technology that allows consumers to make transfers with little risk of a threat. When it comes down to financial matters, blockchain security is a significant selling point for cryptocurrency. 

A crypto IRA will allow account holders to securely store their funds.


There is one main drawback to consider before opening a crypto IRA account.

Cryptocurrency Is A Riskier Investment

While the decentralization of cryptocurrency makes it more likely to stay stable long enough for you to earn a profit, crypto has a tendency to be volatile. 

Ultimately, this is due to the recentness of this means for investing when compared to more traditional and established methods. While a crypto IRA has the potential for more interest, this always carries some level of risk.

Should You Open a Crypto IRA?

Although cryptocurrency is a relatively new means of investing, it offers great potential for reward. Today, it is possible to open a crypto IRA account. This allows account holders to invest funds through cryptocurrency, all while receiving great tax benefits.

In many ways, a crypto IRA functions in the same way as its traditional counterpart.

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