Should You Get a Crypto IRA?

What is a Crypto IRA

In the United States, many financial entities offer IRA accounts. These retirement accounts provide unique tax benefits while allowing the account holders to save for the future. With the rise of cryptocurrency, there are now crypto IRA accounts available. However, you might be wondering about how this crypto-funded retirement account works! Much like a traditional … Read more

How to Save on Crypto Taxes Using an IRA

Crypto IRA Taxes

A crypto IRA allows the account holder to invest in a retirement account using cryptocurrency. Like any type of IRA, the account will be subject to certain tax regulations and advantages.  However, it’s important to consider how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) classifies cryptocurrency, as this determines how it is taxed. The IRS classifies cryptocurrency … Read more

Will Bitcoin Ever Run Out?

Bitcoin Crash

For a long time, Bitcoin has been a buzzword in popular culture that nobody seems to understand. But it just keeps getting bigger! Widespread adoption still seems to be a distant pipe dream, so anyone looking to invest in it wants to know if there is a long-term future for this new form of currency. … Read more

What is a Bitcoin IRA Rollover & How It Works?

Bitcoin IRA Rollover

The rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in recent years has opened up a new way for you to start thinking about retirement. Despite the volatility and increased risks, investing in Bitcoin can yield higher returns and diversify your portfolio. But what is a Bitcoin IRA rollover, and how does the process work? A Bitcoin … Read more