Can You Buy Crypto in a Roth IRA Account?

Crypto Roth IRA

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The meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies since their creation in 2009 has led to many people considering investing in various tokens with their self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

But can you buy crypto in Roth IRA?

You can invest in crypto through self-directed IRAs and opt for either a traditional IRA or Roth IRA option. The difference is that you invest with pre-tax dollars in a traditional IRA, while using post-tax dollars when investing in a Roth IRA. The latter yields tax advantages in the long run.

Many people that are investing in their future with a Roth IRA select the option because of several key advantages it has over other retirement plans. This article will help you understand how to buy crypto in a Roth IRA and why it could be the best choice for you.

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How to Buy Crypto in a Roth IRA

The first thing you need to do in the process of buying crypto in a Roth IRA is to open a self-directed Roth account. This means that you should move the capital you have from a 401(k) rollover or a deposit from your personal bank account. 

You can make a contribution of up to $6,000 per year.  Based on your income, you may need to do a backdoor Roth IRA. But, no matter your income, you can create a Roth IRA – even if you have a 401(k) at work.

In terms of a rollover, you can take your 401(k) from an old job or that is simply being unused, and you can move it into a traditional IRA. Then you open up a Roth account and do a simple conversion

You can convert whatever sum of money you like (which you will have to pay taxes on).

The process of buying crypto through all types of IRAs is the same, and this has been exploited for tax purposes by shrewd investors because the IRS classes cryptocurrencies as property.

Note that once you’ve started buying crypto in a Roth IRA (or any other IRA), you cannot withdraw your crypto until retirement, and any early withdrawals will result in penalties unless you opt for early retirement.

Why You Should Buy Crypto in a Roth IRA

As is the case with all cryptocurrency investments, the potential returns on an investment in a Roth IRA could be huge. Self-directed IRAs provide a unique opportunity for people to invest in alternative assets in a way that they can’t with traditional IRAs, which are limited to traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

And, as stated earlier, the tax advantage with Roth IRAs is that your dollars are taxed before you put money into your Roth IRA – but the good news is that that’s where the taxing ends, and when you withdraw your funds one day, it will be entirely tax-free.

This form of investment with post-tax dollars will prove especially advantageous in the future if your investments do pay off and you’re withdrawing hundreds of thousands of dollars one day. And you’ll be thankful for having incurred the tax earlier on.

On the other hand, traditional IRAs are tax-deferred, meaning that you’ll have to pay taxes on your investments when they payout. So, the more your portfolio grows, the more taxes you pay.

In addition to this, a Roth IRA means that you can create incredibly diverse, where you will protect your investments from the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and the exaggerated boom-bust cycles associated with it.

Bitcoin is prone to massive price plunges and, historically speaking, has managed to bounce back every time only to become stronger, but if you’re close to retirement, you may not be in a position to ride out the market downturn.

So, while Bitcoin’s price often has a profound effect on other stable coins like Ethereum or Ripple, you can mitigate the effects of these market downturns by diversifying your portfolio with other cryptocurrencies or other alternative investments like precious metals. 

You can also invest in bonds, stocks, and other traditional investments to ensure that your assets remain secure and resistant to market shocks.

Appoint a Trustworthy Custodian

While the future of cryptocurrencies looks incredibly promising, it remains uncertain as well. Not only is the market very volatile, but for all its promises of supplanting the fiat currency, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have yet to do so anywhere – although El Salvador did pass a law in 2021 making Bitcoin and the US Dollar legal tender.

And more than a decade after it was introduced, it still remains inaccessible in many parts of the world. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency market is littered with scams and criminal activity, where some trading methods will have profound legal implications.

This is largely down to the nature of the online environment. The IRS and other legal authorities have yet to implement any meaningful and effective regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrency trades, making it a dangerous environment to operate in.

Furthermore, by opting for a self-directed IRA, you are not only taking on more responsibility in terms of managing your investments, but any custodian that you may choose to appoint does not have the same fiduciary responsibilities as a custodian that manages a traditional IRA – such as a bank or broker.

This is why it is imperative that, unless you have the expertise to serve as your own Roth IRA’s custodian, you have to place a lot of trust in the individual or firm that serves as your self-directed IRA’s custodian.

The custodian is the agent who makes all of the decisions regarding your account. There aren’t many specialized firms that offer self-directed IRA services, so your choices will be limited.

Your custodian needs to provide you with sound advice about regulations and law changes. They should also be able to understand cryptocurrency trends and identify market bubbles.

Because cryptocurrencies are so new to the scene and regulations are so vague, you have to be very careful of whose services you enlist. Do some research on their track record, their credentials, and what their best practice principles are.

You aren’t dealing with small sums of money here either, so neglect researching your custodian at your peril. Always make sure that the person that’s managing your long-term future is trustworthy.


Investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by buying crypto in a Roth IRA has the potential to yield huge returns, provide security to your investments through diversification. It can deliver significant advantages in terms of capital gains tax avoidance.

However, there are drawbacks to this practice because you will have to pay penalties for early withdrawals, the market is volatile, and the future of cryptocurrencies remains uncertain.

There are also several legal and security risks that you need to be aware of.

However, if you can appoint a trustworthy custodian, buying crypto in a Roth IRA can lead to a huge (tax-free) payoff that will secure your financial future.

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