How to Invest in Crypto with a Self-Directed IRA (5 Steps)

crypto self-directed ira

A self-directed IRA in cryptocurrency is a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio. If your retirement funds are in a regular IRA or 401k, today’s markets might make you weary.  Will your retirement savings be there when you need them? Have you diversified enough? Could you even diversify enough in a traditional retirement savings … Read more

How to Earn Interest on Crypto (4 Simple Steps)

earn interest on crypto

Do you want to earn interest on crypto and let your money work for you? While one of four Americans has been thinking about buying gold, many others are buying cryptocurrencies.  Many people think you have to be a trader to earn money from crypto, but that’s not necessarily true. Did you also know that … Read more

What is Bitcoin Mining & How It Works?

mining bitcoin

Bitcoin mining attracts investors due to the rewards of working with crypto tokens. The attraction is the prospect of wealth created by a new medium of exchange.  As more people begin to mine, the network automatically increases the difficulty of finding valid bitcoin blocks to ensure that the average time to find a block remains … Read more

What is Staking & How Does It Work?

crypto staking

The cryptocurrency business has proven lucrative in recent years, which has seen the value of different cryptos rise. Besides trading the currency, many people are adopting a new method called ‘Staking,’ which has little risks but yields good returns. Staking was engineered to facilitate moving away from mining, which is resource-intensive, to a more energy-efficient … Read more

Do You Pay Capital Gains on Crypto?

crypto capital gains

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new concept. Because of this, investors typically have many questions regarding the way they work, especially when it comes to taxes. One of the most common questions regarding crypto is, “do you pay capital gains on crypto?” Like traditional stocks, crypto is taxed as property and subject to capital gains and … Read more