6 Best Crypto Investment Companies

Cryptocurrency’s popularity is growing, with 16% of Americans stating they invested in cryptocurrency in 2021 compared to just 1% in 2015.

Read on to learn about the 6 best crypto investment companies of 2022 and what criteria I used to rank each one.

Best Overall

Editor’s Rating 5/5

One of the first and most secure companies for cryptocurrency IRA investing. With over 3,500 reviews on Google and other sites, Bitcoin IRA offers over 60 kinds of crypto to buy and sell on their 24/7 trading platform.

Best Pricing

Editor’s Rating 4.5/5

iTrustCapital offers an industry-leading service focused on eliminating cost inefficiencies and outdated IRA models. The company offers a $0/month personal account fee and a low 1.00% cryptocurrency transaction fee.

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The Best Crypto Investment Companies for 2022

  • Bitcoin IRA – Best Overall
  • iTrustCapital – Best Pricing
  • Coin IRA – Best Crypto Security
  • BitIRA – Best Security
  • My Digital Money – Best Trading Platform
  • Regal Wallet – Best for 1st Time Buyers

Comparison of the Best Crypto Investment Companies

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Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is one of the oldest and most well-established companies for cryptocurrency IRA trading. They offer an easy-to-use, turnkey service that doesn’t require you to create an LLC.

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iTrustCapital is a beginner-friendly platform for crypto IRA trading that’s more affordable than other companies. You can buy and trade both popular cryptocurrencies and physical assets like gold there.

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Coin IRA

Founded in 2017, Coin IRA was one of the first companies in the United States to offer investors the ability to add cryptocurrency to their retirement plans.

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BitIRA is a digital investment platform that helps you diversify your retirement portfolio with a crypto IRA.

My Digital Money

My Digital Money is the most secure crypto investment platform. You can open a CryptoIRA or trade in cash.

Regal Wallet

Regal Wallet is a company that engaged in precious metal and crypto industry offering gold coins and cryptos in your IRA.


When searching for the best crypto investment companies for 2022, I started by checking out how long each company had been in business and which companies had strong reviews on third-party websites such as BBB and Trustpilot.

Good leaders are essential for investment companies, so I ensured that the companies on this list had some of the best financial and technology entrepreneurs at their respective helms. I also only choose companies with experts with the knowledge to give you the best service possible.

I looked to find the very best offerings available in the industry today. I looked for companies that offered services for many different cryptocurrencies. I also assessed each company’s software, insurance policies, and security practices.

Finally, I examined each company’s transfer fees, investment minimums, and other maintenance fees to find the ones that offered the best services and gave you the best return on your investment.

A Detailed List of the Best Bitcoin Investment Companies

Let’s look at what services these six companies can offer you for crypto IRAs.

1. Bitcoin IRA – Best Overall

Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Chris Kline, Johannes Haze, and Camilo Concha, Bitcoin IRA is the first and largest crypto IRA investment company in the industry. 

The company offers a super easy, 3-minute account setup, world-class security, and a 24/7 real-time trading platform.  Over 100,000 users use Bitcoin IRA to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

The company also offers a 100 million dollar custody insurance policy and a library of research resources for remaining up to date on emerging market trends in cryptocurrency.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and thousands of positive reviews on third-party sites, it is easy to understand how Bitcoin IRA took the spot as my best overall choice for a cryptocurrency IRA in 2022.


  • Quick and easy account setup
  • Offers service for over 60 different cryptocurrencies
  • $100 million investment insurance


  • Must work with specialists to open an account
  • Initial and maintenance service fees not listed on the website

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2. iTrustCaptial – Best Pricing

Based in Long Beach, CA, iTrustCapital was founded in 2018 by Blake Skadron and Todd Southwick. The company allows investors to trade in crypto, and they have a stated goal of enabling 100 million investors to participate in economic growth through blockchain technology.

iTrustCapital offers an account with a $0 monthly fee and an amazingly low 1% transfer fee for cryptocurrency. They provided investment options for 28 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

The company has almost 2,000 reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating on Trustpilot, with many reviews praising the simple account setup and low maintenance fees.

And because iTrustCapital costs up to 90% less than other IRA companies, I have named it the best company for pricing in 2022.


  • No monthly account fee
  • No setup fees
  • $2,500 minimum initial investment


  • Doesn’t offer 24-hour customer support
  • No BBB rating

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3. Coin IRA – Best Security

Founded by Trevor Gerszt in June of 2017, Coin IRA opened its first crypto IRA using Bitcoin and, in December of the same year, became BBB A+ rated.

Since then, the company has grown and now offers crypto IRAs using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other virtual currencies.

Since day one, Coin IRA has put an emphasis on helping new crypto investors understand the market and providing the most secure trading services of any company in the industry.

Coin IRA uses a hybrid, multi-layer security approach that includes cold storage (taking funds offline when not in use), multi-factor authorization, and Level II Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSS) to ensure that your money remains with you.


  • Industry-leading security standards
  • Advanced offline cryptocurrency storage protection
  • A free guide to learn how to buy crypto


  • Limited customer service hours
  • $20,000 minimum investment

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4. BitIRA – Best Insurance

Created by the precious metals company the Birch Gold group in 2017, BitIRA has been featured on the list of the Hottest Fintech Startups for 2021 by International Business Times.

It holds a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and BitIRA is also a member of the Business-Consumer Alliance with a triple-A rating.

The company advertises a robust, end-to-end insurance policy for cryptocurrency investors. Their insurance policy covers hacking, embezzlement, physical loss, damage, and destruction.

They also extend this policy to cover digital currency in transit or storage.  BitIRA works with a panel of London-based insurance companies with S&P ratings of A or better, specializing in underwriting digital assets. 

Because of the company’s commitment to protecting your investment, I have named it the best company for insurance in the crypto IRA industry.


  • Extensive insurance protection policy
  • Easy account rollovers
  • Multi-signature and “cold” wallet security


  • Only supports nine cryptocurrencies
  • Must call to setup up account

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5. My Digital Money – Best Trading Platform

When tech entrepreneurs Collin Plume and Guy Gotslak started My Digital Money in 2021, they wanted to create a streamlined investing platform that enabled their customers to invest in crypto IRA without any unnecessary hassles or stress.

The company is still young, but it has garnered a lot of positive attention on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Their software makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency, and the company’s website provides excellent news and learning resources.

Along with the sleek software for trading, My Digital Money provides an option to open a Play Money Account. Investors new to cryptocurrency can use this account to learn the platform, experiment with trading strategies, and study actual market movements.


  • Sleek software design
  • Free play money practice account
  • Stop-Loss and Auto-Order features


  • $50 initial setup fee for crypto IRAs
  • Higher custodian and platform transaction fees

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6. Regal Wallet – Best for 1st Time Buyers

Tyler Gallagher started Regal Wallet in 2009 as a service operated by Regal Assets, the precious metals investment company. They started offering crypto IRA services in 2017. 

They were ranked #20 in the US on Inc Magazine’s top 500 list and currently have over 1030 positive reviews on TrustLink.

The company advertises that they work with all the major cryptocurrencies and that their expert, crypto-savvy account managers will be able to help you get set up with your new account in as little as 24 hours.

In addition to the managers’ expertise, a free Crypto IRA kit provides a fantastic resource for getting started with a crypto IRA. The kit provides concrete details about the costs of a crypto IRA and background information about how cryptocurrency works in today’s market.


  • Lots of resources for a first-time crypto investor
  • Free Crypto IRA kit
  • Quick account creation


  • Doesn’t work with as many cryptos as other companies
  • Website is outdated

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The Importance of a Cryptocurrency IRA

A traditional IRA is a long-established method of saving for retirement. Still, the recent rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency has led many intelligent investors to wonder if crypto is a viable option for investment. 

Indeed, the answer is a resounding yes. Investing in a cryptocurrency IRA is a fantastic way to diversify your portfolio, and with the continued success of crypto such as Bitcoin, the time has never been better.

Diversifying your portfolio helps manage risk in your investments. Traditionally, investors have preferred to spread investments across different kinds of assets such as stocks and bonds.

Now, cryptocurrency is opening up new options to diverse-minded investors.  Investing in crypto requires special considerations since it is a purely digital asset.

Based on costs, third-party reviews, security, experience, and other factors, I have found six companies that offer the best options for cryptocurrency IRAs in 2022.   

Benefits of Owning Bitcoin & Crypto in Your IRA

There are many benefits to owning cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and investing them in an IRA. Let’s take a look at a few below.


As I alluded to before, diversifying your investments is essential. Using cryptocurrency can be a wise investment that helps protect your financial portfolio against negative trends in the market.

The New Gold

While gold has been the basis for many currency systems throughout history, it may not always be that way. Bitcoin is only about 13 years old, and many governments and businesses are already beginning to integrate it because of how easy it is to store and transfer.

Limited Supply

Unlike other currencies, there can only ever be 21 million Bitcoin mined. As the supply decreases, it is not unlikely that demand will grow and the value of the cryptocurrency will increase.


Because cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology, transactions are decentralized. Besides being more secure, this helps avoid many fees that banks and financial institutions traditionally charge.


Cryptocurrency is accessible anywhere globally and is not reliant on bank hours, geographic location, or any of the other limitations that a physical currency has.


Because Bitcoin information is openly available on the blockchain, anyone can examine it whenever they want. This transparency helps make the cryptocurrency more trustworthy.

It is also cryptographically secure and can not be manipulated.

Next Steps

We have now examined the six best crypto investment companies of 2022. We also took a look at what services each company had to offer, how they protect their customers’ investments, and how they help educate investors about cryptocurrency.

A crypto IRA can be a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio. It provides a secure investment with transparency. And the inherent accessibility of the currency gives you control over how your money is working for you.

So, read through the companies on this list and, when you’re ready, visit a few of their sites to understand better what services they offer and how investing in a crypto IRA can benefit you.

Crypto Investment FAQ’s

Find the answers to some of the most common crypto questions below.

Crypto can be a good investment for retirement if you are interested in getting involved with an emerging financial asset that is still available at a relatively low cost.

Keep in mind that it is still new and cryptocurrency still experiences volatility in the marketplace.

The correct percentage depends on a lot of factors. Some investors have made a small allocation of 1-2% of their portfolio in crypto, while others have invested 5% in digital currency.

Whether you want to invest more or less will depend on your specific needs and situation.

According to the IRS, trading in virtual currency makes you liable to capital gain tax. However, a traditional crypto IRA functions similarly to a traditional IRA.

They are tax-deductible, and you will defer paying any tax on the money until you access it.

Not only is cold storage safe for cryptocurrency, but it should also be where the majority of your virtual currency is stored.

It would be best to store your cryptocurrency in a combination of hot and cold storage. Your hot (accessible online) wallet, typically stored digitally on a mobile device, should hold a small to medium amount of your crypto.

Most of your crypto should be stored on a cold wallet, ideally in a fireproof safe in a secure location.

Our #1 Bitcoin IRA Custodian

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